CTTA-SORTA Round #3 at Smithville

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! MotoTrials at the McMahan’s in Smithville on August 24th! Dinner and Trials Rodeo Saturday evening. For all the details, check out the flyer. Hope to see you there!

- Don

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Results for Round 2 of the CTTA’s 2014 Summer Series

We promised to deliver a HOT POTATOE trial but fell short because the expected 100 degree weather just did not show up.  It turned out to be actually really great overcast and breezy weather all day.  Jay and Michael laid out 5 sections for both AM and PM with short loops.  Thank you to Benny the owner of CTOR for the use of his awesome place and to Jay and Michael Glasscock for the excellent sections that were cleared and laid out when it WAS NOT so overcast and breezy.  Thanks to the “small village” of nameless folks that contributed to produce such a fun event.  From bringing food to pitch-in to helping clean up after the event, we have a great group of folks we ride with. Special mention to Susan and Lauren for handling sign in at the gate and to Mitch for event sign up and scoring. Thanks to Jay for providing the delicious brisket and BJ Miller for manning the grill for everyone.

We enjoyed a very good turnout of 39 riders with many new and old faces including many out of towners supporting the event.  Sections were typical Glasscock style that deceptively looked “not too bad” till your looking over the handle bars and snared you into rethinking your line the next time around.

I did not take notice at the event of the detail that these guys took to make each pretty damn cool trophies.  Rainbow lettering on a hand cut silhouette of a cactus next to an actual rock on a finished cedar board.  The third place cactus were painted bronze and the second place were silver but the first place were painted with that color shifting paint that is a different color depending on how you look at it.  A true expression of their commitment to a top quality effort every time they step up.

Check out this link for event results CTOR results.  Next event is in Smithville at McMahan Ranch on Sunday, August 24.  The flyer will be posted soon with event details.  Check out our Schedules and Results page for additional info for the Summer Series upcoming.  This year the series has does not have an event in September but the CTTA plans to support Tom Batchelor and the NTTA by making a big turnout for the HOT DOG TRIAL the first weekend of September.

Ben Dalgleish
CTTA, Pres.

Results for Round 1 of the CTTA’s 2014 Summer Series

Hi All,

It was a great event at Joe Miller’s last weekend! We had a great turnout. Even the weather cooperated with cooler temps – coolest event in the Texas summer that I can remember…

I want to give a BIG shout out of THANKS to Joe Miller for hosting us at his place – it’s a beautiful spot for a trials event! And to BJ Miller for setting a very FUN event; in my group we had riders on the Amateur and Intermediate lines and the difficulty was about perfect.

And a very big Thanks to John Armour and Mitch Ely for running the signup and scoring table – here are the section-by-section results!

2014 CTTA “Summer” Series Schedule

We are very excited because it’s time to start up our CTTA Summer Series for 2014. If you have never rode the events during this series, what you can expect is a little more laid back fun events with the atmosphere of a play ride but with sections and scoring up to competition standards to feed any riders competitive appetite. Events are one day events, on a Saturday or Sunday, loops are as short as possible, we generally layout only 5 or 6 sections, costs are kept down to bare bones, and riders gather together afterwards for a pitch-in lunch for race results and to extend bench racing time. We maintain that not too many restrictions are placed on the series to encourage outside the box thinking from our volunteers and event venues. It has become a perfect place to not only introduce new venues but upcoming trials masters as well. You might occasionally find a Gate Trial thrown in there, a blow up alligator floating in a section, or last year we even combined the series with a vintage series, during the same day.  Anything goes as long as everyone is smiling. If what you are looking for is to drag the bike out on a weekend and have a great time at an event with an awesome group of friends, mark the date and plan to come ride with us. We are very proud of our series and all the many friends and volunteers it takes to maintain quality MotoTrials in Texas.  Hope to see everyone here.  All are welcome, all are invited.
- Ben

2014 CTTA “Summer” Series Schedule:

  1. Saturday, June 28  Joe Miller’s, Jonestown
  2. Saturday, July 19 CTOR, Salado,
  3. Sunday, August 24 McMahan Ranch, Smithville
  4. Saturday, October 18 Harvest Classic, Luckenbach
  5. Sunday, November 9 Cow Creek Ranch, Lago Vista
  6. Saturday, December 13, Emma Long City Park, Austin (date tentative upon city approval)

Results: Texas State Trials Championship #9 & #10

Here are the results from Muenster, courtesy of Tom Batchelor:

Results SWVTA Rounds 2 & 3

Well, rounds 2 & 3 are in the books. What a great weekend and a great turn out. The weather was perfect both days. I hope everyone had half the fun I did. Thanks to everyone that came out to ride. And a very big “Thank You” to Wayne McMahon for opening up the ranch and shop for us. He made this the success it was. Thank you Wayno.

And thanks to Jeff “Pappa Wolf” George for helping me layout and tape most of the sections. I also want to thank Mike McLaughlin, Tom Willis, Jay Huffman, Mike Hill, Shawn Willis and James Wipff for putting the finishing touches of the remainder of the sections for Sundays round.

I would also like to thank Rene Huffman and Shirley Willis for taking care of sign up both days. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And how about the Trials Rodeo that Tomas and Nora put on Saturday evening! That was a blast to watch. Not to mention the movies after dark on the side of the shop. “On AnySunday” never gets old.

And thanks to Ben and his boys for helping punch score cards, reading off scores and hauling off the trash after it was all over. Very much appreciated.

And lastly, all the riders who showed up, both vintage and modern. Without the support of the modern riders, it would be hard for us to stay a float.

Results: Round #2, Round #3. See y’all next month at Rio for rounds 4 & 5.
- Hetz

Results Round 8 – Comanche Cup

The big overnight winds calmed down a bit for the second day of the Comanche Cup at the Mauldin’s ranch in the Palo Duro Canyon and we enjoyed a beautiful day up on the canyon rim. Ray and Laura set another fun event for Round 8 of the 2014 Texas State Championship. If you missed the inaugural Comanche Cup you really should make the effort when the opportunity next presents itself as the ranch is an amazing riding area!

Results Round 8   (updated 4/15)

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