Results: Round #6, SWVTA, Smithville, TX July, 2016

Results, courtesy of Stephen Hetzel


Yes it was hot.  But it was hot when Stephen, Wayne, Brett Cooper and Papa Wolf did all the work laying out the sections so we could ride.  Thanks from all 22 of us.  As Scottish trials go we all had to ride up on some sections but as Stephen said it will let you know what you need to practice on.  Section 5 was a 2 and 3 line… I don’t think I could have cleaned it and Ray Donaldson said they were giving high fives if they got a 3.

Bill Scarborough won first with Ray close behind.  Speaking of Novices, we are getting a little low on new riders but Steve Ligon bought the TL 125 I found and I delivered an Ossa Saturday for Steve Hackney’s buddy Bruce Blau who is planning on joining us.  The Amateur (2 line) is our biggest group and we had 7 riders.  Steve Hackney dropped out after the first loop so he wouldn’t crash Bruces new bike.  James Wipff had to work extra hard to win but Greg Grasshoff and Kirk Massey were 2nd and 3rd respectively and they are getting closer and closer to James’ scores each event.  Actually Kirk and Greg tied with Greg winning by one clean.  Keep watching the “old guy” and you will guys will be moving up soon.  I had the other “old guy” in my group (Papa Wolf) so when we were all struggling in section six I watched Jeff slow down in the creek, make the turn in the gravel and catch the perfect line up the hill.  I cleaned it (that part) after learning from the “old guy” so pay attention.  So far they are not charging for lessons!  Jim Taylor wrapped up this years Expert line with his 5th First place but he had to wake up (his air mattress went flat during the night) on the third loop.  Me and Jim were tied at the end of the 2nd loop but Tom Sharkey was beating us by 6 points.  Jim had a good 3rd loop to tie Tom and ended up winning by 1 clean.  Congratulations to Jim for a good season.  Also big cud-dos to Tom.  He just moved up to Expert at the end of last season and has been settling for 2nd, 4th or 5th places but Sunday he was kicking butt and taking names.  Way to go Tom!  And of course David Mooney had a good ride taking less points on the Master line than I did on the Expert line.  I do want to thank my group for helping me get through the last 2 loops by letting me catch my breath between sections. It was hot and rough but a great event. Even Kevin Schwantz came with a truck load of modern bikes and some friends who rode in the heat but they seemed to enjoy the day.

I am getting ready for Bluebonnet, lacing a new hub to my front wheel (first crash loop 1 section 12) and still looking for my air adjustment screw which probably fell out when I was upside down (2nd crash loop3 section 2).  So lets use the off season to fix and tune and practice while we wait for cooler weather.  Have a good summer.

Recap courtesy of Tom Willis

Results – Round #2 – CTTA Summer Series @ Jonestown

The results are in!

Results courtesy of Jon Penner.

Results: CTTA Summer Series – Smithville

1 week after the big rains, riders were treated with great weather at Smithville, here are there results!

Thanks to Mitch for scoring!

AMA Campaign for Emma Long

The AMA has joined the fight against the inappropriate take of our park land at Emma Long Park.

Austin Residents can “protest” here
f you live within 500 miles of Austin – sign the petition

I also added additional information on the closure and links to submit comments / sign a petition on the Where To Ride page.

SWVTA – Results #4 & #5, FLYER #6

Results from a wet event at Rio are in: Round #4, Round #5

The SWVTA hosted an ITSA National this past weekend at Rio. Saturday’s round was cut short by rain. And 5 of Sunday’s sections were unridable, forcing the hosts to modify the remaining 3, and build 3 new ones to salvage Sunday’s round. Kudos to all involved for making the best of some challenging conditions!

Round #6 is just around the corner… Sunday June 5th @ Smithville – FLYER – POSTPONED! To be rescheduled.

CTTA 2016 Summer Series & Round 1Flyer

The 2016 CTT Summer (and Fall) Series Schedule is:

  • Round 1  Smithville June 4th – FLYER
  • Round 2  Jonestown July 2nd
  • Round 3  Zars August 7th This is a Sunday
  • Round 4  Llano September 24th– Buckhorn Classic.  Great event for masters!
  • Round 5  Lukenbach October 22nd– Harvest Classic.
  • Round 6  Cow creek November 13th
  • Round 7  City Park  December 10th– Toy drive

Results: Rounds 9 & 10 Texas State Championship

Results from the Final Rounds of the 206 Texas State Moto Trials Championship at Salado are in!
Round #9
Round #10