Work Party!

Ray plans to be at Sid’s next weekend (Jan 31st & Feb 1st) to kick off preparations for the State & National Rounds. Anyone with a hankering to help clear sections, loop, etc is welcome to come help! A schedule of work days will be published soon. If you need more info about this opportunity please contact Ray.

SWVTA – Rider Clinic

Yes, it’s that time again. Time to get those old bikes out of hibernation, top off the fluids and change out the plugs. Our inaugural 2014 SWVTA Championship series went out with a bang. We had great ridership over the coarse of the year, and a few of us competed in enough events to qualify for year end trophies, not to mention the really cool jackets for those who won their respective class.

We plan on kicking off the 2015 SWVTA Championship Series with a rider clinic Saturday, February 21st at Huffman Farms outside of Donie, Tx. This will be a loosely organized fun day with advanced riders helping out the beginners with tips on bike set-up, riding and falling. We will gather around 9:30am, with a lunch break around noonish with a club meeting to hammer out dates for the 2015 championship series. No charge for entry fee, feel free to come camp out. It will also be Jay’s birthday! Help him celebrate.

Oh, and see the pdf of the final tally from last years series. Points were awarded as the following: 1st=30, 2nd=25, 3rd=21, 4th=18, 5th=16, 6th=16 7th=15 and so on.

See you the 21st,
Stephen Hetzel

2105 Texas State Series – REVISED Schedule

The schedule has been revised, please see the updated TSS Intro Letter. All dates remain the same, but due to a loss of usable land at City Park, Smithville will open the Series and CTTA will close the Series at Salado, TX.


2015 Texas State Series T

Hey All,

Get your 2015 T-shirt from Tom before they are gone! Long & short sleeve versions available, click the image below for front and back views.


Info Letter for the 2015 Texas State MotoTRIALS Championship

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here is the 2015 Texas State Series information letter. Please note that we will have one new class this year, Advanced Novice. This class will ride 50/50 harder Novice lines and softer Amateur lines. This class will be for male and female riders.
– Tom Batchelor

2014 CTTA Summer Series Wrap-Up

The CTTA hosted the 6th and Final Round of the 2014 “Summer” Series on December 13th with the Annual Toy Drive Trial; a special thanks to Ben Dalgeish for organizing this charity event. About 33 riders enjoyed an event set by TrialsMaster Neil King and you can check out the section-by-section results here, results courtesy of Mitch Ely.

The Summer series enjoyed a great turnout tis year, with more than 80 riders participating in an event! Thanks to everyone that participated. So many people helped make this series a success – to the landowners that graciously hosted an event, to the trialsmasters and organizers of an event, to the volunteers that helped clear or build sections and to those that ran sign up and scoring – THANK YOU! This series wouldn’t happen without your support. The overall series results can be found here.

Results – CTTA Summer Series #5 @ Cow Creek

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the event. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. Two inches of rain earlier in the week helped a lot with the traction.

We enjoyed a BBQ brisket lunch afterwards, awards, and then worked on trying to clean the sections in the “after” loops.
A few of us camped Saturday night and we enjoyed a good campfire cooked dinner and s’mores. Ben rolled in at dark, as usual. We were also treated to a great view of a bright meteor that flew across the sky.

Many thanks to Bobby, Ron, John, BJ, Tomas and all who helped me create the sections. 
Thanks to all of the other Cow Creek riders for all of the work they did throughout the year to open up new riding areas for all to enjoy. Four of the five sections this year were in new areas.
Thanks to Driskill for coming out and taking pictures. Check them out on the CTTA Facebook page.
Thanks to Mitch for scoring (without the help of a computer)!
Mike, the gracious landowner, stopped by for lunch and we’ve already been talking about next year’s event. What a great friend!


Section-by-section results.

Video of the event.