CRCS #9 & #10 Results – Hosted by the NTTA

Results from the Round 9 & 10 of the Central Regional Championship Series hosted by the NTTA at Bulcher, TX. Results courtesy of Tom Batchelor.

Results – 3rd Annual Cow Creek Trial

The results from the 3rd Annual Cow Creek Trial have been posted here and on the Schedules and Results page. Thanks to Mitch Ely for scoring!

Thanks to everyone that came out in spite of the weather in town. The rain cleared out a couple hours before we started riding making for a fun event with only a few minutes of light rain in the middle of it. Temperature was perfect in the low 60’s. A few of us camped and enjoyed bonfires Friday and Saturday night.

Bobby did some last minute section building to move Section 5, which was in the waterfall area to a dryer area. The original section was still there, but it was hard to tell how deep the water was in places and wouldn’t have been so much fun for anyone that had not ridden it before. We did all go down there after the event and had a good time riding it. Mike did venture into one hole that was quite a bit over boot depth.

A big thanks to Bobby Reece for being our Trials Master.
Thanks to Ron, Ben and Jon for helping laying out tape.
Thanks to Steven Holekamp for doing a big part of creating the Trophies.
Thanks to BJ for cooking up lunch.
Thanks to all of the other riders who have helped clear sections and trails since last year.
Big thanks to the landowner, Mike, for letting us play.

I have posted some video on


The Case for Conner Creek

Two years ago, the BCP and Sherri Kuhl initiated an effort to close the best trials riding areas in the Emma Long Motorcycle Trails Park. Unfortunately they have been successful; the trail and sections along Conner Creek have been closed. Tomas Pantin has documented the history of the motorcycle trails at Emma Long Park, the CTTA’s involvement as a group of park users with a long history of supporting the motorcycle trails at the park and the BCP’s take of riding trails and trials sections in the park. Please take a look at Tomas’ well written document, download it and share this document with others!

In Defense of Trials at Emma Long   (please note that this is a long, well documented pdf – 8MB) 

Please take a few minutes to write letters to Austin City Council members. Contact info is on page 2 and a sample letter is on page 3. Please help us change the course set by the BCP.

Tomas Pantin deserves our THANKS for his dedication and tireless efforts to fight this good fight. Please help Tomas by reading this document, sharing it and writing letters!

Thanks for your help,

North Texas News – CRTC Flyer & Hot Dog Results!

Here’s the flyer for the Dave Seeley Memorial Trial, the Texas Round of the Central Regional Trials Championship at Muenster on November 14 & 15! And here are the results from the Hot Dog Trials.

Flyer – 12th Harvest Classic Charity Challenge!

The BEST trials event and motorcycle rally of the year in Texas is just a little over a week away! You do not want to miss the 12th Charity Challenge at the 13th Harvest Classic Rally in Luckenbach, TX! (Yes, we take over the town…) For the 12th HC3 (Harvest Classic Charity Challenge), there will be TWO trials events for you choose from:

  • SWVTA – Vintage Charity Challenge
  • CTTA – Modern Charity Challenge

These fun events will be run simultaneously! All sections will be observed.


  • Harvest Classic Charity Challenge Trials Events – Saturday, October 24th, 2015
  • Harvest Classic Rally – Friday – Saturday, October 23rd & 24th, 2015

Where: Luckenbach, TX

Observers: Volunteer to Observe! Call Don (512) 576-8295 to Volunteer – Free Rally Day Pass!!!

Details: Check out the FLYER!

Results: 2015 Buckhorn Classic, Rnd #3 CTTA

I would like to thank my family and friends first and foremost, for all the hot hours working on this event one end to the other, I would like to thank all the C.T.T.A. Members for the effort they put into sign up and clean up, u guys ROCK, the Long Ranch treated us like Royalty while we were working on this event, Joe’s BarBQ wasn’t bad either, ck this pic out of THE 2015 Buckhorn Classic Champion, Glen Glenn Roblin

Here are all of the results from The 2015 Buckhorn Classic!

Jay Glasscock


Results – 2015 CTTA Series #2 – GSL Ranch

I would like to thank everyone who came out for the second round of the CTTA Summer Series, congratulations to all the class winners! Click here for all of the results!

The rain Saturday morning helped make for a cool evening and helped keep the dust down. The landowner was impressed by our performance and has already invited the trials community back out to host another event. I would like to extend a special thank you to Allen McConnel, Guy Stubbs, Eric Nelsony, Tomas Pantin, Jon Penner, and everyone that came out for the play day without their hard work this event would not have been possible. I look forward to seeing everyone at the next Summer Series round Sept. 19 in Lllano.