Final Round – CTTA Series for 2014 – Toy Ride Info

Hey everybody,

The final round of our 6 round Summer Series is Saturday, December 13.  We are very happy to host it back at City Park again this year; for more information, here’s the flyer.

This our fourth year for the Toy Ride event benefiting the Texas Baptist Children’s Home.  This is an organization I worked with back when I was coaching baseball and was very impressed how they take in and take care of any kid that has been through any type of hardship and no longer have a family to take care of them.  If you’re interested in learning about them, follow this link to a video.  In an effort to paint you a mental image of where your toy or donation goes, I can tell you every year when I pull up in the old suburban with the back completely filled with toys and stuff to drop off, the ladies that help unload are often teary-eyed and so grateful to be able to provide a little better Christmas to kids who at no fault of their own, don’t have their family to be with and share with.  I remember the first year, Papa Wolf had donated a wooden rocking horse that he made and his family played on for many years.  When I told the ladies the story of where it had come from, one of the ladies welled up and said how special it was to her knowing that horse built with love by someone for a family to enjoy, will now move on and continue to bring joy to another family.  They always send me a list of suggested items to help folks pick up something that they specifically need, however, all donations are excepted.  Here are lists of suggested gifts:

After the event, we will present our series trophies and will get together for a pitch-in lunch.  We will also have our CTTA quarterly meeting.  See the Meeting Agenda for the details.  We will be discussing our upcoming State Series.

Ben Dalgleish
CTTA, Pres.

Results – CTTA Summer Series #5 @ Cow Creek

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the event. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. Two inches of rain earlier in the week helped a lot with the traction.

We enjoyed a BBQ brisket lunch afterwards, awards, and then worked on trying to clean the sections in the “after” loops.
A few of us camped Saturday night and we enjoyed a good campfire cooked dinner and s’mores. Ben rolled in at dark, as usual. We were also treated to a great view of a bright meteor that flew across the sky.

Many thanks to Bobby, Ron, John, BJ, Tomas and all who helped me create the sections. 
Thanks to all of the other Cow Creek riders for all of the work they did throughout the year to open up new riding areas for all to enjoy. Four of the five sections this year were in new areas.
Thanks to Driskill for coming out and taking pictures. Check them out on the CTTA Facebook page.
Thanks to Mitch for scoring (without the help of a computer)!
Mike, the gracious landowner, stopped by for lunch and we’ve already been talking about next year’s event. What a great friend!


Section-by-section results.

Video of the event.

Results – Charity Challenge @ Luckenbach

We had a GREAT turnout for the 12th Annual Harvest Classic Rally and 11th Annual Charity Challenge. Thank you to everyone that helped make this event a success. We raised over $2K for the Candlelighter’s Childhood Cancer Foundation!

SWVTA – Vintage Results
CTTA – Modern Results

I want to especially thank everyone that helped set-up and tear-down this event. As a one-arm trialsmaster, I was pretty dang useless and I couldn’t have pulled off this event without LOTS of help. Thank You!

I also want to thank Richard and Debbie Dupree for their generous donation of a nicely restored ’75 KT 250 Trials Bike. We sold all of the 500 raffle tickets offered at $10 each raising a cool $5K for the families of kids with cancer.

See ya’ next year!


11th Annual Charity Challenge!

I hope y’all are gearing up for the most fun trials events of the year! The 11th Annual Charity Challenge Trials Event at the Harvest Classic Rally is on Saturday, October 18th!

Your entry fee to the Trials Events is whatever donation you are comfortable making to help kids with cancer. The entry fee to the rally is separate. You can purchase a $10 day or $30 full pass at the event or you can preregister online. The full pass includes a ticket to the BBQ dinner and a movie on the Alamo Draft House’s Rolling Road Show Drive In Movie screen. If you register online, you’ll also get a rally t-shirt! Online registration closes on the 10th, so register now if you haven’t already!

Here’s the FLYER!

Hope to see you there!

CTTA 2014 Annual Meeting

Hey everybody,

Sorry for the short notice. The CTTA quarterly meeting will be this Sunday (September 7) at Cow Creek.  The gates will open up for riding at 9:30am for all to ride.  We will gather at the pit area where we have in the past at 1:00pm for a pitch-in lunch and discuss business.  Bring a side or dessert, CTTA will provide sausages, hot dogs, tortillas, condiments, and eating utensils.  Bring your own beverages.  Tomas has donated a couple of picnic tables for us to eat on (Thank You Tomas!!) but bring yourself a chair in case you get bullied out of a table seat.  If you haven’t been to Cow Creek in a while, new riding areas are always being discovered and developed by the folks riding out there.  I always bring brush clearing equipment (loppers, pruning saw, and gloves) to Cow Creek because there are always great spots that need work if you so desire.  Remember riding this property is an privilege provided to us by Jen Penner’s relationship with the land owner.  Please don’t do anything there that could diminish relations with the land owner.  (Don’t speed down gravel road, Ride only areas where Jon has OK’d for us to ride, Be courteous to others at ranch and neighbors, etc)

Our meeting agenda schedule for this meeting has changed up from past meetings due to recent issues with City Park.  The Meeting Agenda outline is:

  • Elect CTTA officials for 2014/2015.
  • Discuss/ prepare for Harvest Classic event.
  • Membership Drive!  Bring your purse (cash or check).  Annual dues are $15 per individual or $25 per family.
  • (NEW) Update riders of recent City Park closure developments.
  • (NEW) Start discussion regarding CTTA State Series event scheduled for February 2015.

The CTTA membership form and our CTTA constitution and by-laws are here.

Address: 27032 Fm 1431, Marble Falls, TX 78654  GPS: 30.5232,-­‐98.0545 Google maps:

Directions. From Hwy 183 in Cedar Park, take FM 1431 18.5 Miles West. If you know where Joe Miller’s turnoff is (“B” on the google map), it’s 12 miles past that. After passing through Jonestown and Lago Vista, you will pass Singleton Bend Road (a left), then Cow Creek Road (a right). You will then pass over Cow Creek. Go 1 mile further (still on FM 1431). Look for the sign and tape on the right.  Follow the driveway about 1000′ and take the Right fork/gate. Go 3/4 mile UP to the parking area. Please park as far into the parking area (either side of road) that you can so everyone will fit. The road is ROUGH and low clearance vehicles may drag. Be sure to CLOSE THE GATE behind you to keep the cows in!

Hope to see everyone there.
Ben Dalgleish
CTTA, Pres.

Results for Round 3 of the CTTA’s 2014 Summer Series

Sorry for the late post… but, here are the results from Smithville.

I had a blast! I always enjoy riding the terrain at the McMahan’s in Smithville: good dirt, loose sand, logs, off-camber turns and gullies – what’s not to like?  ;)

Lots of folks to Thank!

  • George and Wayne McMahan – you have a beautiful piece of riding property
  • Bobby Reece – nice flowing sections
  • Mitch Ely & John Armour – signup and scoring
  • I missed the rodeo, but it sure looked like fun – thanks Tomas

Here are the results for round 3, courtesy of Mitch

See y’all at the Harvest Classic!

Results for Round 2 of the CTTA’s 2014 Summer Series

We promised to deliver a HOT POTATOE trial but fell short because the expected 100 degree weather just did not show up.  It turned out to be actually really great overcast and breezy weather all day.  Jay and Michael laid out 5 sections for both AM and PM with short loops.  Thank you to Benny the owner of CTOR for the use of his awesome place and to Jay and Michael Glasscock for the excellent sections that were cleared and laid out when it WAS NOT so overcast and breezy.  Thanks to the “small village” of nameless folks that contributed to produce such a fun event.  From bringing food to pitch-in to helping clean up after the event, we have a great group of folks we ride with. Special mention to Susan and Lauren for handling sign in at the gate and to Mitch for event sign up and scoring. Thanks to Jay for providing the delicious brisket and BJ Miller for manning the grill for everyone.

We enjoyed a very good turnout of 39 riders with many new and old faces including many out of towners supporting the event.  Sections were typical Glasscock style that deceptively looked “not too bad” till your looking over the handle bars and snared you into rethinking your line the next time around.

I did not take notice at the event of the detail that these guys took to make each pretty damn cool trophies.  Rainbow lettering on a hand cut silhouette of a cactus next to an actual rock on a finished cedar board.  The third place cactus were painted bronze and the second place were silver but the first place were painted with that color shifting paint that is a different color depending on how you look at it.  A true expression of their commitment to a top quality effort every time they step up.

Check out this link for event results CTOR results.  Next event is in Smithville at McMahan Ranch on Sunday, August 24.  The flyer will be posted soon with event details.  Check out our Schedules and Results page for additional info for the Summer Series upcoming.  This year the series has does not have an event in September but the CTTA plans to support Tom Batchelor and the NTTA by making a big turnout for the HOT DOG TRIAL the first weekend of September.

Ben Dalgleish
CTTA, Pres.