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CTTA 4th Quarter Meeting News

The 4th Quarter CTTA Meeting was held Saturday June 9th. Topics of discussion were:

  • Finalized the 2012 CTTA Summer (& Fall…) Series Schedule
  • Demo Trailer. The CTTA membership agreed to develop a demo trailer. This demo trailer would have something for all club riders to ride, not just upper level riders. The plan is to use this trailer for the Harvest Classic demo area and for select shows. Trailer Committee: Ray Peters, Craig Henderson, Adam Hall & Don Hubbard
  • 40th Anniversary of the CTTA: Goodies to be made! Goodies Committee: Ben Dalgleish, Benji Dalgleish & Craig Henderson

CTTA Meeting Notes – December 2011

Membership Drive
• Mitch signed up 12 dues-paying members, not counting life time members

2011 – 2012 Officers:
• President – Ben Dalgleish
• Vice President – Ray Peters
• Secretary – Linda Marshal
• Treasurer – Mitch Ely
• Competition Coordinator – Don Hubbard
• Equipment Manager – John Armour
• Ass’t Equipment Manager – Craig Henderson

Discussion regarding a Work Day at Emma Long:
• There will be a Work Party on Jan 21st to clear downed trees, eye pokers, etc.
• Please put this date on your calendars!
• More info will follow – soon.

Trials Masters TSTC Rounds 1 & 2
• Sat AM – Steven Hetzel (Craig Henderson ass’t)
• Sat PM – Ray Peters
• Sun AM – John Armour (Ben Dalgleish ass’t)
• Sun PM – Bobby Reece
• Cadet/Rookie – Ben Dalgleish & Bobby Reece
• Loop Master – Craig Henderson

Motion made by Laura Paugh to make a donation to Bronte Fire Dept; the Bronte FD supported the
CTTA at the Texana National and unfortunately, made very little $ for their efforts.
• Club approved a donation to Bronte Fire Dept. in the amount of $500.

Emma Long Park Manager’s – Walk the Park
• Meeting on Tuesday December 20th 2:00 to discuss trail maintenance, contact Ben Dalgleish for
more information

Financial Report:
• Mitch reported on available funds
• Sufficient funds exist for CTTA operating expenses in 2012…

Given that it was dark and cold, the quickest meeting in CTTA history was adjourned. Thanks to all
that participated!