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The Case for Conner Creek

Two years ago, the BCP and Sherri Kuhl initiated an effort to close the best trials riding areas in the Emma Long Motorcycle Trails Park. Unfortunately they have been successful; the trail and sections along Conner Creek have been closed. Tomas Pantin has documented the history of the motorcycle trails at Emma Long Park, the CTTA’s involvement as a group of park users with a long history of supporting the motorcycle trails at the park and the BCP’s take of riding trails and trials sections in the park. Please take a look at Tomas’ well written document, download it and share this document with others!

In Defense of Trials at Emma Long   (please note that this is a long, well documented pdf – 8MB) 

Please take a few minutes to write letters to Austin City Council members. Contact info is on page 2 and a sample letter is on page 3. Please help us change the course set by the BCP.

Tomas Pantin deserves our THANKS for his dedication and tireless efforts to fight this good fight. Please help Tomas by reading this document, sharing it and writing letters!

Thanks for your help,

Emma Long Municipal Park, Austin, TX

The CTTA is very fortunate to have an Austin City Park to ride in. There is about 7 miles of hard trail at City Park, but, it also offers numerous creeks with limestone ledges and caliche ball bearings… terrain that is ideal for trials. The CTTA has been hosting Local and State Championship Trials events at “City Park” for more than 30 years.

Put this address into your favorite map utility:
7544 0ak Shores Dr, Austin TX 78730  – or show on google maps

Directions: From RR 2222 & Hwy 360, go west on RR 2222 to first light. Turn left (south) on City Park Rd. Turn left (east) onto Oak Shores Dr at sign for Motorcycle Trail. Entrance to the park is on the left.

Trials riders are usually at the park Wednesday afternoon and on weekends.